Dual-Purpose Loop Saw

The Wolverine W-60LS-STR Loop Saw contains all the same great features as our standard loop saw, but has dual modes for both straight and circular cutting. The operator can complete a job’s straight cuts while using the same saw. No tools are needed to configure the saw from circle loop to straight cut — the conversion takes place in about 5 seconds hydraulically. Once the loop saw blade is changed to a straight blade, the saw is ready to do the homerun cuts. Now one saw can perform all the cutting required to complete traffic detection installation jobs.

Extra Features of Straight Cut Package:

  • Straight or circular cutting modes
  • Use straight mode for connecting loops and home run cuts
  • Easy transition between straight and circle cuts (no tools required)
  • Eliminates need for second saw on job


Engine Kubota turbo charged diesel 60 HP
Blade Capacity 14” to 18”
Blade Arbor Size 1 inch
Drive Speed 0-200 FPM
Max Cut Depth 3”or 5”
Fuel Capacity 7.5 gallons
Size L x W x H 54” x 40” x 48”
Weight 1700 lbs.