Small Frame Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs

Wolverine offers the industry’s first small frame diesel power pack. Capable of powering a wide variety of construction tools, the 25 HP engine is extremely quiet, reliable and fuel-efficient. The WP-25HD is portable, lightweight and very mobile. The automatic low-level shut off on the hydraulic tank prevents pump failure from low fluid levels, and a high temp shut-off valve protects the engine from over-heating.

Features include:

  • 25 HP Kubota diesel engine – water-cooled
  • Adjustable gallons per minute, from 2 to 13
  • Industry first, low hydraulic level engine shut-off
  • High efficiency air-cooled hydraulic system includes a 10 micron full flow return filter
  • Self-contained units are compact and easy to move
  • Selectable hydraulic flow rate will produce up to 2500 psi
  • With an axle width of just 28”, this unit will fit through standard 36” doors as well as smaller 30” openings
  • Large, 13” x 5” never-flat tires are standard
  • Lifting eye and handles allow for easy of portability
  • Power packs come with a powder-coated finish for longer wear

Wolverine WP-25HD Small Frame Diesel Power Pack Specifications:

Engine Kubota Diesel 25 HP
Flow Rate 2 to 13 gpm
Maximum Pressure 2500 psi
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 2.5 gallons
Hydraulic Oil Premium A/W-32 or 46
Fuel Capacity 6.5 gallons
Size L x W x H 40” x 28” x 27.5”
Weight 430 lbs.



Part # Size/Description
WP-25HD 25 HP Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack

Large Frame Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs

The WP-67HD is one of our most powerful hydraulic power units, producing up to 30 gpm and 3000 psi. The Kubota diesel engine is smooth, quiet and fuel-efficient. The model has two hydraulic circuits, one for high flow tools like wall saws, and another to run smaller tools like handsaws. Easy maintenance is accomplished with fully removable side panels. The WP-67HD is also available in a trailer mount version. Concut also offers custom manufacturing of larger power packs running at 85 – 99 HP. Please contact us directly for additional information on these units.

Features include:

  • 67 HP Diesel Engine with electric start
  • Adjustable gallons per minute from 4 to 30, depending on circuit and model
  • Industry’s first low hydraulic oil level engine shut-off
  • Triple hydraulic oil cooling systems (water/oil and two oil/air heat exchangers)
  • Units are self-contained and easy to move
  • System pressure 1600 to 3000 psi (factory relief set at 2750 psi)
  • Forklift slots allow for ease of portability
  • Power packs are powder-coated for longer wear & durability
  • Single hydraulic pump with dual circuits – Small tool circuit has 1/2” quick disconnects, large tool circuit has 3/4” and 1” quick disconnects. Both circuits have fully adjustable flow rates
  • Large access panels, for easy accessibility

Wolverine Large Frame Diesel Power Pack Specifications:

Model WP-67D
Engine Kubota Diesel 66.8 HP
Flow Rate 4 to 30 gpm
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 6 gallons
Hydraulic Oil Premium A/W-32 or 46
Fuel Capacity 16 gallons
Size L x W x H 52”L x 32”W x 48”H
Weight 1,821 lbs.

WP-67TM (with optional diamond plate aluminum decking)

WP-67 HD



Part # Size/Description
WP-67HD 67 HP Large Frame Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack
WP-67TM 67 HP Large Frame Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack Trailer Mount
WP-67SM 67 HP Large Frame Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack Skid Mount